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Building a robotics solution is difficult, complex and time consuming

Developers make do with existing tools

Development tools which are meant for desktop application development and embedded system development are being repurposed for robotics.

Existing robotics solutions are black boxes

With black box solutions, developers don't have modular building blocks to collaborate & build innovative robotics solutions of their own.

Robotics developers are niche & expensive

Building robotics solutions requires highly skilled developers, working exclusively in the domain. That's only a handful of developers.

Introducing PCF - The Phi Robotics Common Framework

The first-ever comprehensive set of software libraries and tools for robotics - to enable every developer to build smart robotics solutions, right from a toy to an industrial robot. It's a complete package of software, solutions, knowledge repository and community support that you need to power your robotics innovations.

Increase developer productivity that leads to reduced time to market and higher return on investment
Complete access to design and application code for flexibility, collaboration and scalability
Proven technology that has powered an array of robotics applications across industries and verticals
Zero dependencies on the solution provider. Get complete ownership of the solution at 50% of the cost

A Complete Ecosystem For Robotics Development - PCF Product Quadrant

It just takes an innovative mind and a wilful technologist to develop a robotic solution


A standardised system for reliable real-time data sharing


A repository of reliable algorithms and tools for efficient development


An Integrated Development Environment that makes it easy to build, deploy, monitor and manage robots


A visualization aid that allows testing out algorithms virtually without actual hardware

Every Industry Empowered, every Vertical Enabled

PCF is relevant for every industry domain where it can be utilized for building robotics applications and solutions across business processes and verticals.



Logistics & Supply Chain


Product Design


Electrical & Electronics Manufacturing

Oil & Gas


Security & Surveillance

Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals

Retail & Lifestyle

Military & Defence

They did it, you can too - PCF Success Stories

Success Story: An Explosive Innovation

Automating Manufacturing: An Explosive Innovation

An integrated robotic solution to combine the process of coiling, cutting, taping and tagging a shock tube detonator - reducing cost, increasing efficiency and improving throughput.

A leading explosive manufacturer wanted to integrate the process of coiling, cutting, taping and tagging a shock tube detonator into one machine. The existing process was sequential, semi-automatic, and labour-intensive and the existing solutions could not deliver on the requirement, nor were they customizable enough to enhance.

The Phi Solution - What They Got

Complete control over the Bill of Materials, mechanical design and manufacturing process Future customizations possible Level 1 support and maintenance could be handled internally
3x reduction in the total cost of ownership 2x improvement in throughput 10x faster and more efficient development

Delivering Vehicle Control Unit: An Electrifying Drive

An innovative vehicle control unit (VCU) for EVs that was customized to remove technical gaps and was owned and managed by the EV manufacturer, not a third-party OEM - reducing manufacturing cost and time to market.

An electric vehicle manufacturer wanted to build a vehicle control unit (VCU) for their EV, giving them complete ownership of the VCU and removing dependency on a third-party OEM. They were able to create their own product thereby reducing manufacturing costs per vehicle with the potential to sell the VCU as a product to other EV manufacturers.

The Phi Solution - What They Got

Developers, with minimal knowledge, could visually program the VCU as per their needs 6x reduced time to market 10% of overall manufacturing cost per vehicle saved

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